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Welcome to Bottom of the Bin, featured on Charley's World (Fox 13), Brightside (10 Tampa Bay), and 2023 Best of the Bay winner for Best Art Supply Store! We're a secondhand art and craft supply shop featuring a wide range of new and gently used art and craft supplies and materials for hobbies ranging from Paper Crafts, Painting, Sewing, Fiber Arts, Jewelry Making, and much more. Our inventory is constantly changing, so you'll always find something new and exciting. Trade in your leftover supplies for store credit - you're not only saving money, but you're also helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability. We're passionate about art and crafting, and we want to help you achieve your creative goals. Visit us today and discover the joy of secondhand shopping! Follow us on Facebook to see fresh items as they hit the sales floor. Join our Facebook Group to get inspired by other artists and crafters!


What items do you take?

We take new, used, partially used, and even some scraps of art and craft supplies. We offer store credit for your trade. You fill out a form with your information and we offer store credit based on what you bring us and store it digitally for you to use. The credit does not expire.

Acrylic Paint

What do you do with items that don't sell?

If they are still usable, we will donate them to an appropriate organization or charity.


Can I donate to you monetarily?

No, but we have a Patreon that includes a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime, and behind-the-scenes photos and other rewards for supporting us. Join here:

Pottery Workshop

How do I become a teacher?

Send an email to, and we'll reply with a questionnaire for you to fill out to apply. If you're selected, we'll work out details about the class, price, date, etc.

High School Art

What items do you not take?

We generally don't accept decor, finish projects, or baking items. We do not take items that can be considered hazardous or of a health concern such as broken glass, nicotine  or pet smells, stains, mold or mildew, etc. If we come across any we didn't notice during the trade, we will dispose of them properly afterwards. We also do not accept spray paint, super glue, or open resin. Otherwise, we only turn away items that don't fit in with what we normally sell, items we have too many of, and items that haven't performed well in the past. We also can't take items that are too large or heavy for our space such as sewing and other machines.

Woman Knitting

Do you take donations?

No, we're a for-profit store, but we offer store credit for anything you don't want anymore. Even if you don't plan to use it, you'll be required to fill out a form with your information, and we'll assign you minimal amount of store credit that we'll keep on file for you to use.

Making a Necklace

Can I purchase something I saw on your Facebook or Instagram feed?

Currently our online store and physical store inventory are separate. While you can purchase anything from the online store and have it shipped to you or held in store for pickup, our in-store inventory is not available to purchase online or over the phone. Please visit to see what's in stock. Thank you for understanding!

Plasticine Monster

How do I become a featured artist?

We're currently not accepting new artists in store, but we will post on Facebook when that changes. In the meantime, you can submit to be a featured artist in our email newsletter by sending an email to, and we'll reply with a questionnaire for you to fill out. If you're selected, we'll let you know.

For any further questions please contact us
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